AEIAN Electoral Committee Membership 

  1. Tasiu Idi Chairman
  2. Professor Abiodun Odukoya
  3. Professor Mukhtar Namadi
  4. Lynda Bitrus
  5. Mark O. Onobume
  6. Donna Aimiuwu Secretary


There shall be the Association’s Annual General Meeting once in a year at any place in Nigeria the Association may prescribe for the purpose of transacting the business of the Association, announcement and ratification of the election results of the Association’s President, the Vice Presidents, Executive Committee Members and Statutory Audit Committee Members in conformity with the Memorandum & Articles of Association


Election of the Association’s Officers In accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of the Association:


There shall be an Electoral Committee of the Association. The President shall nominate any member of the Executive Committee which shall be subjected to the approval of the Association. The Election Committee shall conduct the election of officers in accordance with the electoral guidelines approved by the Association.


Election of officers into the National Executive Committee shall be done through online or electronic voting in accordance with the electoral guidelines approved by the Association.


Results of elections of members of the Executive Committee, and Audit Committee shall be announced and ratified at the Annual General Meeting, and the winners declared.


For any member to be eligible for election/or to nominate candidates for election into any office of the Association he/she must not have subscription, dues and levies in arrears at the time of nomination.


A Candidate for the post of President should have been Corporate Member of the Association for at least 6 years and must be an advocate of Nigerian Environmental issues.


A Candidate for the post of the Vice President should have been Corporate Member of the Association for at least 4 years and must be an advocate of Nigerian Environmental issues.


Any aspirant or Member may wish to forward complaint(s) about outcomes of the election to the Electoral Committee within five (5) days of the release of the results stating the grounds for any grievance


The Electoral Committee shall within 7 days from the date of the closure of filing of complaints, conclude and deliver judgment on all election issues.


The decision of the Association shall be final.


All Aspirants must apply on the prescribed nomination form available at the Secretariat or on the Association’s Web site.


All Aspirants must be proposed and seconded by at least five (5) registered members of the Association.


All nomination forms must be physically submitted or e-mailed to the Chairman Election committee of the Association as set out on the election time-table released by the Election Committee


Where at the close of nomination there is no candidate validly nominated, the Chairman Election committee shall in consultation with the President and with the consent of the Executive Committee extend the time for submission of nomination.


All Aspirants shall be notified by the Chairman Election committee or President about the result of the screening exercise of the Election Committee not later than forty-eight (48) hours after the screening.


A member shall not be qualified to contest AEIAN election if:

i.                    He/she is under a sentence of death imposed on him by any competent court of law or tribunal in Nigeria or fine for an offence involving dishonesty or fraud by whatever name called.

ii.                   within the last ten years before the date of the AEIAN election:

a.      He/she has been convicted and sentenced for an offence involving dishonesty by a competent court of law or tribunal in Nigeria.

b.       He/she has been found guilty of professional misconduct, dishonesty or fraud by any professional Tribunal and or the Association’s Disciplinary Tribunal and upheld by Association.

      iii.       he/she has been dismissed from employment on grounds of misconduct.


Candidates shall submit their profile which will include their contribution to the Association to the Executive Secretary and this shall be posted on the Association’s web site.


Candidates may withdraw their candidature in writing to the Executive Committee/President Twenty-Four (24) hours before the election.


There shall be an Election Committee of the Association to be appointed by the Association to conduct the business of the election in accordance with these guidelines.

        I.            President shall nominate the names of members of the Election Committee for Association’s Executive Committee’s approval.


Only financially active Members shall be appointed as members of the Election Committee but however other related Association professionals may be invited to assist.


Only financial members of the Association are eligible to vote.


Aspirants will appoint one agent (approved) each to protect the electoral process and


Only financially active members of the Association can act as agents. The agents are to report to the Election Committee.


The Election Committee shall determine the commencement and end of poll, but this should be communicated to all members before the commencement of elections.


No Association member shall cast more than one vote for any candidate.


No member shall be allowed to vote, once poll is declared closed, by the Election Committee.


The Election Committee shall collate the votes and count them in front of the agents, except where electronic voting is done in which case results will be downloaded in the presence of such agents


There shall be the election result form to include names of candidates, post contested for, votes scored, ranking among different contestants, and signatures of members of Election Committee.


The election result shall be entered into the form described above.


Candidates shall become duly elected if:

        I.            for Vice President, he/she scores the highest number of votes among the candidates that contested from his/her Geographical Zone.

      II.            for Member of the Executive Committee, he/she scores the highest number of votes among the candidates that contested from his/her Geographical Zone.


Once election is successfully completed, the Chairman of the Election Committee shall announce the results, or in the absence of the Chairman, any other member of the Election Committee that has been so nominated by other members of the Committee shall announce the results of the election


The decision of the Election Committee on scores by Aspirants shall be final. However, complaints arising from any Aspirant on the outcome of the election shall be forwarded to the Election Committee

Eligibility – Criteria for voting.

To register to vote, you must be:

  1. A citizen or legal resident of Nigeria;
  2. Resident in Nigeria and remain resident throughout the envisaged tenure
  • At least above 18 years of age by Election Day;
  1. Paid all Association annual dues.
  2. Not disqualified from voting due to a court order;
  3. Not currently serving a sentence under the jurisdiction of the department of correctional Services
  • Not currently incarcerated for a federal or out-of-state felony conviction.
  • Has not been previously convicted.

Eligibility – Criteria for being voted.

  1. A citizen or legal resident of Nigeria;
  2. Resident in Nigeria and remain resident Minimum age limit of 18 years
  • Paid all Association annual dues.
  1. Not disqualified from voting due to a court order;
  2. Has not been previously convicted.
  3. A High Degree/HND Holder or its equivalent both in Nigeria and Abroad
  • Exhibited some level of Professionalism in Nigeria’s/Global Environmental Assessment field
  • Must be of Good Health


The Association for Environmental Impact Assessment of Nigeria (AEIAN) is set to further establish herself by calling for the election of interested members into Executive Positions for the effective and progressive running of the affairs of the Association.

The Executive Positions for the election are as follows: –

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. General Secretary
  4. Assistant General Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Financial Secretary
  7. Publicity Secretary
  8. Legal Adviser
  9. Auditor
  10. 6 nos. Zonal Coordinators

The non-elective Position is that of Ex-Officio, reserved for the Immediate Past President.

  1. The tentative Activities and Dates for the election are outlined in the Table below: –





Notice of the upcoming Election to Members

Mon 27th May 2024


Collection of forms online

 3rd June – 14th June,


Submission of forms online/Electoral Committee Secretary

16th  June – 24st  June, 2024


Preparations for the Elections by Electoral Committee

24th  – 8th July, 2024


Publication of Official Register of Voters for the election

18th July, 2024


Publication of Notice of Poll

25th July, 2024



Sat 10th Aug, 2024

Interested aspirants are required to purchase the AEIAN 2024 Election Office Registration form below

Please note that a payment fee of NGN10,000 will be required to gain access to the application form

Aspirants are required to fill and submit the application form once payments have been made.

Aspirants who fail to fill form online can request that the form be sent via email and this will be done.

To request form, send email to